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This section will tell you what head lice are, how to nit pick, how to clean house and how to prevent infestation.

In a 1998 National PTA survey, Principals named head lice as the top problem. Head lice (pediculous humanis capitus) infest as many as 12 million Americans each year. Worse yet, many lice are now resistant to the standard treatments. Studies in Europe, Israel and America have confirmed lice resistance to permethrins and pyrethrins. A recent study from Harvard University proved that some lice in America are now resistant to these treatments. The most effective way to control head lice infestation is to provide treatment as soon as the lice or nits are detected. Usually the school nurse or teacher makes this first diagnosis.

A Head Lice Dictionary
Host: You, your children, anybody with a head full of lice.
Lice: Parasitic, blood-sucking, six legged, wingless insects.
Louse: The singular of lice.
Nit: A louse's egg. The average female louse will produce 200 to 300 eggs in her 30-day life, gluing her tiny eggs to strands of hair.
Nit-picking. The act of combing, or picking, lice nits from the hair.
Nymph: A baby louse, but it grows up fast. In two weeks, it can be laying more eggs.
Pediculicide: Lice treatment that will kill the headlice.
Pediculosis: Medical term for having head lice.

Head lice are bloodsucking, wingless insects. Pediculosis, the infestation of man by lice, has been documented for thousands of years. Lice are very host specific; human lice cannot be transmitted to or from pets or other animals. Like all insects, headlice have six legs. Lice cannot fly or jump; they move only by crawling. Head lice lay their eggs on hair shafts, usually within a quarter-inch of the scalp. These tiny white eggs, known as nits, hatch before the hair grows more than half an inch. Any nits farther than half an inch from the scalp are in all likelihood shells of eggs that have already hatched. They generally hatch within a week of being laid, but it may take up to a month after contact before any symptoms of itching begin.Click for more...

Head lice are eliminated using HairClean 1-2-3 in just 15 minutes. No resistance, non-toxic, head lice kit.

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Non-toxic and clinically proven, HairClean 1-2-3 is an all-natural head lice liquid spray made from essential oils. Unlike traditional drugstore treatments, head lice have no resistance or immunity to HairClean. Each package contains the HairClean spray and a high quality long toothed lice comb. As reported in Current Problems in Dermatology, HairClean is 98% effective in removing lice and nits. It is safe, works in just 15 minutes and leaves the hair soft and manageable. (HairClean has more University tests than other natural brands).

A clinical study involving 129 school children demonstrated that the natural, non-toxic product HairClean 1-2-3 Lice Remover is extremely effective at killing head lice and nits. "The study proves that this formula is excellent by any measure", stated Dr. Kosta Mumcuoglu who led the clinical investigation".

The study tested HairClean 1-2-3, made from anise, ylang ylang and coconut oils, against a positive control product containing malathion, available only by prescription in the United States, permethrin, the active ingredient in Nix, and synergized pyrethrins the active ingredient in other over-the-counter products including as Rid and Clear. Read full text.

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